Balanced Dog Academy

My 5 yo German shepherd, Bella, and I were recommended to Bruno by our local dog wash service. Bella was a rescue at 12 months of age. At the time of our referral to Bruno, Bella was highly reactive to strangers (i.e. anyone we saw out walking, anyone who came to the door) and also to other dogs. Whilst I was overseas, there was an incident where Bella lunged at a stranger when walking with her dog sitter, resulting in the stranger and the sitter being injured. As you can gather the situation was not good. Bella is, however, generally a very sweet natured dog. We had tried “behavior modification” through our vet however the drugs didn’t help Bella’s reactivity.

By our second training session with Bruno, the improvement in Bella (and me) was remarkable. I was so much more confident in my ability to control Bella and she was far less reactive.

Week 1, Bruno brought another dog onto the training field, some 70 meters away from Bella, and she was very reactive and aggressive. By the conclusion of the session, we were within 25 meters of the other dog and Bella was less reactive.

By week 4, Bella was walking with 2 other dogs at training, sitting right by them and totally focused on me rather than the other dogs.

During week 5 training some strangers (tradies) came to the training ground seeking directions – we were doing some off-lead work and Bella completely ignored them. This situation would have previously seen the tradies remaining in their vehicle through fear.

Bruno has an exceptional ability to observe the dog and handler as a team and determine what I call the “roadblocks in communications”, then to work with the team to correct these issues. I have learned to be far more observant of my dog and of my own reactions to situations; this has made walking and interacting with others far more pleasant for Bella and for me. Bruno is a very patient trainer; however he will also keep you moving forward on your training journey.

I highly recommend Bruno and Balanced Dog Academy to anyone considering training, whether your dog has behavioral issues, or you would simply like a well-behaved dog. You and your dog will benefit from Bruno’s knowledge and training!

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